Tessellation of Displaced Subdivision Surfaces in DX11

August 8, 2008 at 11:27 am (Presentations) (, )

NVIDIA posted Ignacio Castaño’s DX11 tessellation talk from GameFest. Though DX11 doesn’t seem to be as much of a forward leap as DX10 was, tessellation and compute shaders are certainly significant additions to the API.  Castaño discusses an implementation of Loop and Schaefer’s approximation to Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces as described in “Approximating Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces with Bicubic Patches“. He additionally describes using displacement mapping with vector displacements and discusses techniques for sampling the displacement map that ensure a watertight mesh.

Tessellation of Displaced Subdivision Surfaces in DX11


  1. Ignacio said,

    Thanks for the plug! BTW, the slides are a bit sparse on the details, and do not reflect all the things that I talked about. If you want to learn more about tessellation of subdivision surfaces I’d recommend to come to my talk at SIGGRAPH:


    I’ll provide more theoretical background this time, and I won’t focus so much on the implementation details.

  2. magnus said,

    Hi! excellent stuff this.
    I dont understand fully, but I get the simple gist.
    By splitting the mesh up into poly groups, each poly group the sorrounding quads of the quad you want to curve average, I can take this setup and with about 128 divides per patch get to the second subdivision level then the 16 control point bezier patch takes over to smooth the rest over. And thatll be really close to the limit surface, might not be quite as insane as calculating the limit surface exactly, but its simple and should work.

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