August 5, 2007 at 2:16 pm (Journal)

This blog will take a more personal slant for the next few days. I want to try and do daily updates on SIGGRAPH. It’s early in the morning of Day 1. I’m preparing to go register and attend the first course of the day. I believe I will attend the Pixar course “Anyone Can Cook”. It looks to cover lots of tidbits about food rendering and lighting techniques/choices they used in the movie. I was also interested in the Photon Mapping course by Wann Jensen but offline techniques are probably less applicable to me in everyday work. In the afternoon I think I will catch the last half of “State of the Art in Massive Model Visualization” or “Practical Least-Squares for Computer Graphics”.

I believe I’ll update this evening after the Fast Forward session and encourage anyone at the conference who happens to read this to post their 1st day experience too!


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  1. skp said,

    kewl man, here u go…

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