Recent Global Illumination Papers

June 26, 2007 at 2:15 am (Papers)

Here are two papers that I’ve been glancing at for the past few days:

“Implicit Visibility and Antiradiance for Interactive Global Illumination” by Dachsbacher, Stamminger, Drettrakis and Durand at SIGGRAPH 2007. Thanks to Jonas for the link. Make sure to watch the videos.

Really impressive results in this paper! By reformulating light transport calculation so that visibility does not need to be explicitly calculated, the authors can calculate form factors between patches in real-time. This implicit visibility is obtained by calculating “antiradiance” aka “negative light” per patch.. essentially directional occlusion. This anti-radiance can be iteratively calculated and be subtracted from incident radiance on patches, eventually converging to a good result without having to test for visibility via raycasting, etc. That is a really simplified explanation. The paper is definitely worth a read.

Paper and videos here.

“Incremental Instant Radiosity for Real-Time Indirect Illumination” by Laine, Saransaari, Kontkanen, Lehtinen and Aila at EGSR 2007.

An update on Instant Radiosity, the method of using point light sources to approximate bounce lighting in GI. These point light sources are traditionally chosen by quasi-randomly tracing rays from the light source and depositing point lights. Obviously these point lights need to be updated if the light source moves. Laine et al. provide some methods for maintaining these point lights even after the light has moved. Every frame, some number (between a min and max) of these point lights are thrown out and recalculated based on some criteria such as whether or not they are now in direct shadow, etc. It should be noted that this method only works with static scene geometry but supports the lighting of dynamic objects. It is also limited to single-bounce lighting. This paper has some similarities to the M.S. thesis of Joshua Barczak, so give that a glance too!

Paper here.


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  1. Global Illumination using Large Point Light Sets « VANGOGH Lab Blog said,

    […] Global Illumination using Large Point Light Sets I thought it might be of interest to VANGOGHer’s and others that a paper very similar to Josh Barczak’s M.S. thesis from last year has been accepted for publication at Eurographics Symposium on Rendering.  The paper is “Incremental Instant Radiosity for Real-Time Indirect Illumination” by Laine, Saransaari, Kontkanen, Lehtinen and Aila. Based on the Instant Radiosity idea of using many point lights as sources of bounce lighting, both works save/discard point lights based on some criteria so that the set of lights doesn’t need to be recalculated every frame that the light source moves. Both are worth a read, but this recent one is probably more manageable in non-thesis form. Link through level of detail: Shameless self-promotion […]

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