NVIDIA Human Head Demo

May 8, 2007 at 3:53 am (Demos)

A little blurb in the NVIDIA developer blog revealed the “Human Head” demo. Despite the fact that it’s basically just a rehash of ye old image-space blurring + translucent shadow maps to simulate scattering in skin which has been around for years (The first three Ruby demos used this and it’s been presented at multiple conferences, by ATI and others but I believe it was originally used by George Borshukov for Matrix Reloaded), it’s pretty impressive looking. That’s mostly due to high detail (4096×4096) captured skin images and some nice HDR lighting.

Video here.

Speaking of translucent shadow maps, I think I have some code laying around where I implemented this. I think I’ll put it in a RenderMonkey project or a standalone demo and stick it up here sometime this week.


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